• Clubhouse at Antara Senior Living

    Leisure I Dehradun, Uttarakhand

    Part of the Max India enterprise, Antara in Dehradun is a first-of-its-kind senior living community that bases the premise of its design on a progressive approach to community building. The Clubhouse forms the heart of this community experience with a richly diverse program that combines recreation, wellness, learning, and F&B.


    Studio Lotus's key interior approach for the Clubhouse has been to integrate programmatic requirements with a restrained design vocabulary that infuses a home-like warmth and intimacy, in divergence from typical retirement homes that are almost sterile in nature.

    Keeping a minimal shell, the interior has been populated with a timeless palette of materials, furniture, lighting and curated art to articulate a sense of place-making and familiarity. Large panels of architectural glazing have been carefully left free in most spaces to osmose the outdoors into the interiors and enhance its serenity by maximizing the natural beauty of the location.

    The Clubhouse forms the heart of the community experience at Antara with a richly diverse program that combines recreation, wellness, learning, and F&B. Manifesting a living room-like shared space, the Lobby provides an intimate arrival experience for the residents & guests and acts as a node for the activity zones and F&B spaces around.

    The dinning area has been divided into multiple and distinct zones - consisting of indoor dining spaces, semi-outdoor verandah seating, a community kitchen and a private dining room interconnected by means of large folding mild steel doors. Inspired from classic Art Deco influences, the Bar has been designed as an exclusive go-to space; along with the Dining Area and the activity zones, the Bar opens to stunning views of the Dehradun valley though a glazes facade along the building periphery, which seamlessly blends the inside and the outside experiences.

    The clubhouse also houses a dedicated wellness zone that includes a spa, a gymnasium, a swimming pool and a landscaped yoga pavilion. There has been a deliberate attempt to ensure that there are no dramatic shift between spaces in the design language to keep it visually comfortable for the aged eye.


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